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  • Collection: Vol. 7, nos. 1 & 2, (Winter/Spring 1993)

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The SAIIC Board of Directors discusses the increasing level of mobility among indigenous communities and groups.

Delegates and leaders of indigenous communities met and discussed strategies at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. The meeting took place on December 10, 1992 and officially opened the United Nations International Year of the World's…

Statement of Indigenous Nations, Peoples and Organizations.pdf
The following article is a statement that was approved and prepared by representatives of the indigenous community at meetings two days prior to the United Nation's Inaugaration of the Year of the World's Indigenous Peoples.

Second Continental Encounter of Indigenous Nations and Organizations.pdf
The purpose of the fifth meeting of the Continental Commission of Indigenous Nations (CONIC) was to prepare a list of the group's aims for the Second Continental Encounter.

Latin American Governments Establish Indigenous Peoples' Fund.pdf
A collection of Latin American countries are in the process of trying to ratify a Indigenous Peoples' Fund. The decison-making structure of the Fund ensures direct participation on the part of Inigenous peoples.

Stealing Indigenous Genes-Genome Project Places Indigenous Peoples at Risk.pdf
The controversial topic of researching and "immortalizing" the genetic code of humans is discussed. The Indigenous Peoples and Health Workshop in Winnepeg, Canada criticized the Genome Project on grounds of exploiting Indigenous people.

Pan American Health Organization Conference on Indigenous Health.pdf
The first Pan American Health Orgnaization Conference was held April 13-18, 1993, focusing on indigenous health issues. The meeting discussed a range of Indigenous health conserns ranging from the gravity of helath crisis in Native communities to the…

Organizing to Save the Amazon-An Interview with Valerio Grefa, new Coordinator of COICA.pdf
SAIIC interviews Valerio Grefa, who became the new Coordinator of the Coordinating Body of Indigenous Peoples' Organization of the Amazon Basin (COICA).

Amazon Indigenous Coordinating Body Elects New Officers.pdf
The Coordinating Body for the Indigenous Peoples' Organization of the Amazon Basin (COICA) held its annual meeting in Manuas in November, 1992. Delegates approved a new structuring to the organization that was more horizontal in nature.

President of CONFENAIE Speaks to Maxus Shareholders.pdf
Angel Zamarenda (Shuar), President of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon (CONFENAIE), addressed the annual shareholders' meeting of Maxus Energy Corporation. Zamarenda denounces the activities of US corporations in…

The Indian March Continues.pdf
Representatives of the Isibon-Secure National Indian Park Territory (TIPNIS) met in San Bernardo and resolved to march on Trinidad to demand compliance with Supreme Decree 22610.
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