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  • Collection: Vol. 10, no. 1 (Spring 1996)

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The gifts or the Creator, which many indigenous groups admire are endanger in today's society. These gifts have enabled indigenous peoples to survive five centuries of colonialism and to continue to nurture an extraordinary diversity and richness of…



In light of the recent Fourth Women's World Conference In Beijing and the international attention that is focussed on women's issues this issue of Abyayala News focuses on women's issues that specifically concern indigenous women.

Armed men from the Body of Park Wardens of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Government of Misiones entered the Mby'a Guarani
community of Namandu-Arroyo Azul and destroyed its dwellings and nearb fields with no known motive.

The disappearance of Indigenous languages although a deeply disturbing and ever accelerating trend has received little national or international attention. Under enormous stress from a variety of sources the Native people of the South American…

Recently, the Organization of American States distributed a rough draft of a Declaration on the
Rights of Indigenous Peoples. On February 27-28, 1996, the IACHR of the OAS organized a reunion in Guatemala in which Indigenous leaders critiqued the…

The National ANIPA Women's Conference and National Indigenous Forum held in Mexico constitute two examples of how Indigenous women's participation is increasingly crucial for a global indian identity.

The Hidrovia project would requires a widening and deepening the channels of Paraguay and Panama. Indigenous groups of these areas like the NIvacie, worry about the environmental impacts that this project will have. This article also features a…

It is important to pay attention to women's roles as managers of territories and transmitters of cultural identity,Focusing on two regions of Central America where small-scale Indigenous women's initiatives
are encountering success at re-inserting…

This journal introductory discusses some of the top stories and events that have taken place throughout Central America.
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