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  • Collection: Vol. 8, no. 4 (Winter 1994)

More than 300 indigenous communities have been affected by military conflict taking place along the Peruvian-Ecuadorian border.

At least 20 Miskitu Indians were killed in Nicaragua by a group of recontras most likely looking for boots and food

The government of Paraguay continues to show indifference to the needs of indigenous communities.

Between 1993 and 1994, a group of American scientists attempted to patent and commercialize a sample of human tissue collected from an unidentified indigenous woman. Indigenous groups and international human rights forums denounced the effort and the…

Several academic and Indigenous rights groups hosted a symposium in Miami, Florida on the rights and status of indigenous peoples.

A spokesperson for the Mapuche organization Aukin Wallmapu Ngulam-Council of All the Lands comments of the "Declaration of Barbados III," especially the sections relating to the self-determination of Indigenous peoples and the nationally constituted…

Indian communities are now faced with the task of defending their cultural and intellectual property rights in the areas of agriculture, language, genetics, etc.

Marc Becker, SAIIC staff member, led a workshop for indigenous activists at U.C. Berkeley; discussion centered around using new internet techniques for networking and alliance-building.

After the announcement of Chile's entry into the North American Free Trade Agreement, indigenous groups speak out against the potential economic and territorial consequences of the agreement for indigenous communities.

Safeguarding traditional knowledge and biogenetic materials has become a major issue among indigenous peoples. The article explores what is at stake for indigenous communities as well as possible frameworks for protecting resources and knowledge.


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SAIIC has several important updates regarding new opportunities and incoming staff.
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