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  • Collection: Vol. 1, No. 3 (Winter 1985)

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SAIIC committee thanks supporters for their continued interest in their newsletter.

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Same as "Thank you for your interest and support"

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Nilo Cayuqueo, Coordinator of SAIIC, has just returned from a trip to. South America, where he intended to visit Indian communities in Argentina and Chile. Due to an unexpected wait in Argentina to renew his passport, the latter part of the trip had…

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Traditional communities are subject to serious violations of their human rights since the military government was installed under General Pinochet in the bloody coup in 1973.

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Ciseases and the demands of European-style economic enter- prises have reduced the indigenous population to a mere three or four per cent of its original total.

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The violence in Peru continues to escalate, and Indian people, along with many others, suffer...

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Indian organizations in South America mourn the death of Zenobia Ayala, who was a founding member and active participant in MITKA-1.

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An announcement about when and where the 41st session of the United Nations Committee of Human rights will be held.

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SAIIC has been visited by Alvaro Vasquez, a member of the Asemblea del Pueblo Zapoteco in Oaxaca, Mexico, who showed videos taped in various Zapotec communities by community members.

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Radio Program transcript
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