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  • Collection: Vol. 8, Nos. 1&2 (Julio-Septiembre 1994) (Spanish)


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The Zapatista uprising in Chiapas unveiled México’s corruption to the world. Along with the UN’s declaration that 1993 be the International Year of Indigenous Peoples, this event brought light to the power and organization within indigenous…

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Two Ecuadorean win the Goldman Environment Prize for their work in the Equatorial Amazon .

Vol. 8, nos. 1&2 (4).pdf
Indigenous groups from North, Central, and South America met in Oakland, California to outline their goals of improving various conditions of Indigenous communities, primarily in South and Central America.

Vol. 8, nos. 1&2 (4-5).pdf
Indigenous nations in Argentina are pushing for changes within the constitution.

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The remains of Cacique Inacayal, a 19th century indigenous hero, will be returned to his community from the Museum of La Plata by the Argentinian government.

Vol. 8, nos. 1&2 (5).pdf
Miskitos are endangered by the physical side effects of the equipment needed to keep pace with the growing lobster industry.

Vol. 8, nos. 1&2 (5).pdf
Mapuche leaders in Argentina demand the return of Mapuche remains and artifacts found at a construction site in San Martin de Los Andes.

Vol. 8, nos. 1&2 (6-12).pdf
Zapatista Army of National Liberation rose up in Chiapas highlighting Indigenous rights and issues including the lauding of Indigenous culture and leaders in the past while ignoring the problems facing current indigenous populations and marginalizing…

Vol. 8, nos. 1&2 (13, 45).pdf
Timeline of events in the Zapatista uprising January 1, 1994 to June 16, 1994 and human rights related to the uprising by the Mexican army.
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