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  • Collection: Vol. 9, No. 1&2 (Noviembre 1995) (Spanish)

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Stories that focus on indigenous governments and their relationships with nation states.


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Table of Contents

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A discussion of the role of arbitrary state borders and their impact on indigenous communities.

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Suicide rates among the Guarani-Kaiowa in Brazil has risen.

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OXY, a western oil corporation, has invaded Candoshi land. This will undoubtedly have detrimental effects on the ecosystem.

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Kolla demonstrators in Buenos Aires demand that the government hold to the a compromise established in 1993 that promised to return indigenous rights.

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Conflicts between logging and mining companies in Surinam have destabilized the region.

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There has been rising support for indigenous languages in Mexico, with groups working to make indigenous languages more accessible in written formats.

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Abstract Note
Conflict between the Ecuadorian and Peruvian border forced indigenous peoples within the disputed territory to fight for opposing sides.

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Territorial divisions within Mexico and Central America were constructed in an artificial manner, dividing and isolating indigenous peoples. This led to a division of Mayan peoples with Chiapas facing conflicts within its own territory and along its…
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