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  • Collection: Vol. 3, No. 3 (Summer 1987)

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An ambush between Ayoreo Indians in Paraguay left five dead and four injured. One group of Ayoreo, who were members of the New Tribes Faro Moro mission, saught out Totoviegosode, who were Ayoreo Indians that didn't abandon their traditions. A…

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Christian missionaries have been attempting to convert Indians in different regions to their religion. One of the biggest proselytizing organizations involved is the Summer Institute of Linguistics, often referred to in this issue as the SIL.

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There are about 300 different religious sects in Ecuador. These sects provide education and control the the level of Indian community unity and organizing.

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Two Mapuche communities occupied approximately 940 acres in Puren. This land was ancestral and the groups, the Loncoyan Grande and the Pichihueico, felt that they were entitled to the land. These groups were non-violently removed by the police at the…

Vol. 3, No. 3 (7).pdf
This article features a letter written by the Mapuche Indians to Pope John Paul II presenting their views.
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