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Vol. 3, No. 3 (6).pdf
In 1986, for the first time in decades, hundreds of Mayan Indians gathered in the Guatemalan mountains to celebrate the Mayan New Year. There has been a re-awakening to Mayan spiritual traditions because they see it as something that is theirs, that…

Vol. 4, nos. 2 &3 (4-5).pdf
500 years of fighting have caused many women to lose their husbands to kidnappers, disappearances, torture, assassination, and massacre, in addition to diseases caused by pesticides funded by the US and Europe.

Vol. 4, nos. 2 &3 (6).pdf
The Guatemalan military was highly implicated in the torture and murder of 21 "campesinos" in Guatemala in November.

Vol. 4, nos. 2 &3 (7).pdf
A new council was formed in Guatemala to protect the human and cultural rights of local Natives.

Vol. 4, nos. 2 &3 (7).pdf
40,000 workers in cotton, sugarcane, and coffee plantations went on strike in January 1989.

Vol. 4, nos. 2 &3 (8).pdf
The United States funded the spraying of pesticides over Guatemalan plantations, including the use of a chemical that has been banned in the US since the 1980's due to cancer causing qualities. At least 14 Natives died as a result of the spraying.

Vol.  2, no. 3 (3-4).pdf
Journey to the South, a publication featured in SAIIC Newsletter.

Vol.  2, no. 3 (4-5).pdf
An articular on the Inauguration day in Guatemala.
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