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The second paragraph featured on page nine discusses the problems faced by indigenous women in Brazil regarding their sexual health. There is an alarming rate of prostitution and venereal diseases contracted from miners and soldiers.

The National ANIPA Women's Conference and National Indigenous Forum held in Mexico constitute two examples of how Indigenous women's participation is increasingly crucial for a global indian identity.

28.000 women from 185 countries met to attend
the Fourth World Conference of Women, but there were many factors that caused the imited panicipation of Indigenous women.

Maria de Jesus Hernandez Valderas, a Nahualt woman in Mexico, provides a glimpse of the activist world of Indigenous women looks like. She discusses the difficulties that have been historically placed on her. Maria embodies the enduring spirit of…

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The Coordinating Commission of Indigenous Women of Bolivia will hold the First National Encounter of Indigenous Women of Bolivia on June 21-23, 1993 in Tiwanaku.

The women of Mexico still fight colonial oppression.

An interview between SAIIC and Mauricia Castro the president of FETRIXI about her involvement in the Federation of Xicaque Tribes of Yoro, the state of Honduras, and rights of her fellow country women.

The Coordingating Commission of Indigenous Women of Bolivia(CCMIB) formed in July 1993 was created with the purpose of promoting indigenous involvement in movements across the country. CCMIB is carrying out this goal by focusing on electing…
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