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Ailton Krenak attended the Citizens' Conference of Tropical Rainforests, Indigenous People, and the World Bank. He did so with the intention of acting as a representative for how the developmental projects affect the Indigenous people who live there.…

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A newspaper reported that the Brazilian military was constructing underground sites in the Cachimbo Mountains to be used later for nuclear testing.

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The Cauca Regional Indian Council (CRIC) released a statement in regard to the military strife in Colombia, rejecting the declaration of a M-19 Guerilla movement.

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The leader of the Paez people, Guillermo Tenorio, recounted to the Pope at the time, John Paul II, how the Indians view history.

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The National Organization of Indians of Colombia's (ONIC) publication Unidad Indigena, published a story recounting the history of Indians playing various games and that they would begin the games in November 1986.

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The Mapuche people of Chile sent multiple cries for help to the SAIIC to make people aware that they were being significantly repressed by the government under Chilean dictator, Augusto Pinochet. A prominient AD-Mapu leader, among others, had been…

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This document is an interview with the Huarayo leader, Jose Urinari, published in Boletin del Campesino Indigena del Oriente.
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