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Vol. 6, No. 3.pdf
This issue of volume 6 covers a broad set of topics from health concerns, land disputes, and meetings between indigenous groups, just to name a few. It discusses these issues in the context of several Central/South American regions.

vol. 6, No. 3 (7).pdf
The text box featured at the top of page seven provides a brief synopsis of the reunion of the Mapuche Nation in Argentina.

Vol. 5, Nos. 3 _ 4 (6).pdf
Seven Guarani families were forced out of their homes by police and officials from the Land and Colonization Department and dropped off in an area near a garbage dump after their homes were burned down. The reason for it? To make way for a new…

Vol. 5, Nos. 3 _ 4 (8).pdf
Representatives from eleven Toba Indian communities united to reclaim 150,000 hectares (a little bit more than 370,000 acres) of land between the Teuco and Bermejito rivers from cattle ranchers and logging companies.

Vol. 2, no. 2 (15).pdf
Indian people in Argentina have faced a government campaign of annihilation and the destruction of their culture.

Vol. 1, no. 3 (1-3).pdf
Nilo Cayuqueo, Coordinator of SAIIC, has just returned from a trip to. South America, where he intended to visit Indian communities in Argentina and Chile. Due to an unexpected wait in Argentina to renew his passport, the latter part of the trip had…

Vol. 1, no. 2 (7).pdf
Although the economic crisis continues, a rebirth of Indian organizations and the struggle for the rights of the more than one million Indians who now live in Argentina
has begun.

Armed men from the Body of Park Wardens of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Government of Misiones entered the Mby'a Guarani
community of Namandu-Arroyo Azul and destroyed its dwellings and nearb fields with no known motive.

Pachamama Day and the Kolla People of Argentina.pdf
The Cultural Center "1st of August" serves as the spiritual and social backbone of the Kolla people of Argentina. The Center was born to honor the Pachamama (Mother Earth).
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