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Vol. 6, No. 3.pdf
This issue of volume 6 covers a broad set of topics from health concerns, land disputes, and meetings between indigenous groups, just to name a few. It discusses these issues in the context of several Central/South American regions.

Volume 3 No. 3.pdf
This issue of the SAIIC Newsletter covers a broad range of topics surrounding the main theme of evangelical proselytizing (conversion) in South and Central America, along with the effects on Indian communities.

Vol. 1, no. 4 (4-5).pdf
The National Association of Indigenous Salvadorans is conducting a campaign to force a trail of government military forces who killed 74 members of Los Hojas.

117 Year Old Nahuat Dies in El Salvador.pdf
An Nahuat man, Anastacio Esquino, died at the age of 117 years in April 1993 in his home village. Anastacio Esquino survived the 1935 massacre at the hands of the Salvadoran army.

This small article details the efforts of the indigenous people of Las Hoyas county to stay on their land, while deputies of the area attempt the evict the main indigenous cultures from the area.

The first national encounter of indigenous people and campesinos was held.

excerpt from a letter written adressing problems faced by the indigenous peoples
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