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Vol. 5, nos. 2&3 (4-6).pdf
2 & 3
The Ecuadorian government granted new oil concessions to companies operating in the Ecuadorian rainforest. A new round of concessions was expected to start before 1990.

Vol. 5, nos. 2&3 (6-7).pdf
2 & 3
A Quichua man, Juan Sanchez Pena, gives an interview where he discloses that before oil excavation in their land, animals were abundant, food was easily accessible, rivers weren't polluted. But now, the CGG oil company of France is driving away all…

Vol. 5, nos. 2&3 (7-8).pdf
2 & 3
Ten Salasaca indians are in hiding to avoid being captured by the Service of Criminal Investigation. A number of robberies occured in Salasaca areas by Mestizos who were part of a gang. The Salasaca's are losing land, lives, and other property to the…

Vol. 5, nos. 2&3 (8-10).pdf
2 & 3
40,000 gold miners invaded Roraima. 15 Yanomami died as a result of the miners bringing malaria into Yanomami territory. Rivers have been polluted with mercury and gold miners are quickly spreading venereal diseases.
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