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Vol. 5, Nos. 3 _ 4 (7-8).pdf
A gold rush in the Roraima region of Brazil brought thousands of miners to the area. These miners brought many diseases with them that the Yanomami Tribe was not immune to, thus wiping out 15% of the tribe. The Brazilian Government ordered theā€¦

Volume 3 No. 3.pdf
This issue of the SAIIC Newsletter covers a broad range of topics surrounding the main theme of evangelical proselytizing (conversion) in South and Central America, along with the effects on Indian communities.

Vol. 4, No. 1 (8).pdf
After the death of an eight-year-old Yanomani girl, the violence erupted into a genocide of Yanomami people by gold miners.

Vol. 6, no. 4 (10).pdf
The Demini region of Brazil reported 12 new cases of Malaria out of a total population of 90.

Vol. 5, nos. 2&3 (8-10).pdf
2 & 3
40,000 gold miners invaded Roraima. 15 Yanomami died as a result of the miners bringing malaria into Yanomami territory. Rivers have been polluted with mercury and gold miners are quickly spreading venereal diseases.

Vol. 3, no. 2 (7).pdf
The Yanomami people of Brazil have received official recognition of their claims to land near Brazil's border with Venezuela.

The Brazilian Senate is considering legislation that would possibly reduce the size indigenous reservations.

This article details the Yanomami Valley, which was under government supervision until 1996. Since the supervision was stopped, numerous gold miners have come to valley seeking riches and ultimately destroying the land for the people who live on it.


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Brazil attempts to create Yanomami National Park.

Roraima_Brazil_Forest_Fires_Reach_Yanomami_Territory (1).pdf
The combination of drought and forest fires have threatened thousands of indigenous people.

The Human Genome Project wants to collect samples from the Yanomami.
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